Animal Communication Session with Jaime Breeze

Animal Communication Session with Jaime Breeze

Folding Mountain Brewing

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Animal Communication is a way of speaking on a Spirit level using telepathic communication.  Animals are intelligent, sentient, feeling and thinking beings who carry all the same emotions humans do. They love to be heard. Animals are far more advanced than we are in that they can instantly communicate telepathically, whereas we humans have to ‘relearn’ how to do that. 

In order to begin an Animal Communication, I will require a photo of your beloved animal along with a list of any questions or concerns you have regarding them. These can be anything from physical or behavioural issues or even to check in on them after they have crossed over.  Yes! Animal communication can be done for both living and pets on the Other Side.

This is a 20 minute session with a minimum cash donation of $40 which goes directly to the Hinton & District SPCA. 

Only 12 spots available so book now!